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Room Description

Welcome to our Call Capita Sora

Floor of 80m2 and 25m2 room. The apartments with views of the mountainous terrain, all rooms are bright and the windows facing the street and provide fresh clean mountain air. Apartment has a balcony of 15 m2 interior views, room with two single beds has a wardrobe, music system to which you can connect a mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth or cable to enjoy your music favorite. Room with double bed has TV, closet.

Apartments are fully equipped with appliances, kitchen oven, refrigerator, glass ceramic, all items for cooking and cleaning, no washing machine. Bathroom has shower. Also a TV and a stereo

The Internet presence will not leave without communication with the outside world. Downstairs is a pool, jacuzzi and sauna. There is a pool area Summer in the territory of the hotel.